In July 2010 I was cutting down a tree and wasn’t completely focused on what I was doing and accidentally got struck by a branch dislocating my shoulder. After an MRI, I was told by the hospital that I had torn my rotator cuff. One doctor said not to bother with surgery and another doctor was anxious to operate even though he said it might not work. After spending a couple hundred dollars and a couple weeks of no improvement at physical therapy, I went to see Laura at DoveStar for relief of the pain. Laura was a student at the time and was anxious to practice what she was learning.

I told my story to Laura and she focused on my issues. She started with relieving the pain in the rest of my body that was caused by the trauma to my arm. Once the pain in my arm had healed, she began working on the muscles and issues in my shoulder/arm. Since starting with Laura back in August and going for weekly massages, I’ve seen ongoing improvements, most importantly being able to lift my arm—lift my arm, which I couldn’t do 2 months ago. Laura encouraged me, “you will continue to improve”. I know that Laura’s skills and knowledge about my shoulders, arms, etc are part of the reason for my healing. Even the tears in the muscles, Laura insisted they will heal and it has so far. After over 5 months since the accident, I am not going for surgery which would put me out of work for at least 5 months. Instead I made the smart decision to continue the path I’m on and see Laura for massage therapy. Thank you Laura. The pain is gone from a constant 10 to virtually no pain. My neck, back and shoulders are often sore, but with my occupation –landscaping, shoveling, Laura has job security with me. Congratulations on getting your massage license and good luck with your practice.

~Steve Ableson

Laura Briggs is a master at massage. I felt 1000% better after her massage. She was thorough and had a very good touch. She made sure all my complaints were addressed, and then some. By the time my massage was complete, I was feeling wonderful. I could have fallen asleep on her massage table. My muscular complaints were all addressed, and my body felt like a million bucks. I highly recommend Laura for all your massage needs. She clearly enjoys helping people, and you will feel like a new person after just one session with her.

~Keith Odell

I first came in contact with Laura back in August of 2010 when I was a regular client at Dovestar in Hooksett. Being in Healthcare for 30yrs as a MRI and Nuclear Medicine technologist had taken its toll on my spine and I had chronic low back pain resulting from 3 degenerated discs and a herniated disc pressing on a nerve root at L5 -S1. My back had been in a long "Flare Up" situation and I was making slow progress with my routine therapist. However, she was relocating out of the area at the end of the summer and I very anxious about continuing my rehabilitation and finding another gifted therapist. I didnt have to worry long. I got an appointment at Dovestar with then student Laura and was so impressed, even at my first appointment. She listened dilligently to the issues I related and the concerns I had. Her attention to areas that had always been overlooked previously, such as working on the forearms, wrists and hands, was amazing. She emphasized at looking at the whole body picture of my issues, not just problem areas of my lower back but how they interacted and affected other areas as well. I have been a very regular client of Laura's since then and was thrilled when she opened her own bussiness. She is a gifted healer and empathic caregiver. She can tell how I am doing just by watching me get out of my car and walk to her door. I have seen great improvement w/my back, and as we continue what will be a lifelong therapy for me, continue to address and progress all the related problems we encounter and discover. I cannot recommend Laura enough.

~John Rumson Hooksett, NH

I have been under the care of Laura Briggs for two years now. I instruct or take part in the following activities, weight training, kickboxing, tennis, yoga, swimming, spinning and more. Before coming to her for massage on a regular basis, I went through a number of years with chronic injuries from the combination of instruction and taking part in athletic classes. The injuries kept me from both instruction and taking part in classes. Laura's technique and her ability to find possible problems before they become injuries has made it so I have been injury free for the last 20 months. I have found massage good for injury prevention as well as relaxation.

~D. Brown
Fitness Instructor
Manchester, NH

Awesome! I have had knots for years that therapists weren't able to get out that have finally broken up. Will definitely make more appointments in the future.


Laura was very sensitive, yet firm in the right spots. It was amazing! Thanks again for your magic hands. :)


I came to Laura because I never had a massage before. I had just moved and dealt with the October snow storm so I wanted to give it a shot. It was about time I did. While my knots put up a fight, Laura freed the tension and I found it so much easier to move around after the fact and for days later. I will likely return every couple of months or so, just so I can feel more relaxed in a high stress life. Thank you Laura!

~Ben Emond

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