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What is Massage Cupping Therapy? (the video to the right shows Gregory's version of cupping massage)

Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which cups are placed on the skin to create suction in order to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and activate lymphatic drainage. Cupping therapy dates back to ancient Egypt, Asia and Middle East. Cupping brings fresh blood to the area, improves circulation and is widely used to treat pain, digestive problems, improve cellulite and much more!

When combined with Kriya Massage™, the medical grade silicone cups are used to create a negative pressure lifting and stretching the soft tissue (muscle, fascia/connective, attachments), separate fused tissue layers and release and soften scar tissue. Kriya Massage™ designed to encourage the body's natural lymphatic drainage; with massage cupping, the whole system is activated for a more effecient cleansing of the body's waste products.

How does Massage Cupping Therapy work?

We use medical grade silicone cups that are durable and antimicrobial. They are flexible enough to move with the countours of the body. The therapist depresses the top of the cup before placing on the skin. The amount of suction is easily adjusted for the clients comfort. There must be enough suction to draw the tissues up into the cup, but not at great discomfort to the client.

The suction created in the cups pulls the tissue (skin, muscle, fascia) up into the cup. This is similar to the skin rolling technique that massage therapists do. Traditional massage only stretches the superficial layers, massage cupping can reach up to 4" into the tissues in the body.

What does Massage Cupping Therapy feel like?

Most people find that Massage Cupping is very relaxing, resulting in relief of muscle tension and pain. The technique is generally no painful, but depending on individual sensitivity and intensity of the massage it can be relaxing or you may experience some mild discomfort. The redness that may be experienced during, or after, the massage is a result of healthy blood flow in the area. The increase in circulation encourages the body's natural healing reflexes to speed up the healing process. Any red marks from the massage will fade in a short amount of time.

What does Massage Cupping Therapy do?

  • can lift and stretch muscles and other soft tissue for release of tension
  • relieves chronic pain including that from past injuries
  • boosts the immune system
  • relieves headaches
  • relieves the symptoms of arthritis
  • relieves symptoms of fibromyalgia
  • eliminates toxins through the lymphatic system
  • reduces inflammation
  • opens up the respiratory system making breathing easier and easing symptoms of asthma & congestion
  • encourages and speeds up the healing of injuries
  • relieves muscle pain, strains, cramps, spasms, tightness and numbness
  • pre- and post-operative therapy to shorten recovery time & enhance surgical results
  • enhance athletic performance
  • get powerful results in joint mobilization, lymph drainage, scar reduction, pain reduction
  • release long-term injuries and restrictions
  • can be used directly on the spine, unlike massage because pressure on the spine can be damaging

With regular use, you will experience relaxation, rejuvenation, increased energy, healthier physique, reduced stress, improved circulation and pain relief. Remember, results are cumulative. You didn't get in the state you're in in one day, it will take more than one day to achieve the results you seek.

Massage Cupping Therapy is an intense therapy, although it can be used on almost every body part, it is not a full body massage. Just a few minutes of Massage Cuppping Therapy is equal to a half hour of deep tissue massage that implements pressure. Each session the cupping may be used longer as your body becomes use to the technique. This technique is incorporated into your regular massage session.

Here's which sessions Massage Cupping Therapy works well with: 

  • Kriya Massage™ 60 or 90 minutes
  • Kriya™ Deep Stress Release Massage 60 or 90 minutes
  • Sports Massage 60 or 90 minutes
  • Tune Up Massage 30 minutes

What Massage Cupping Therapy IS NOT!

The marks, also called hickeys, are caused by fire cupping or vacuum cupping where the cups are applied to the skin and left stationary for up to 15 minutes. The amount of suction and duration causes the blood vessels to break , creating the bruised look on the skin. Stationary cupping is used to stimulate healing in that particular area and to remove stagnant and blocked energy and blood flow. These techniques are NOT the Massage Cupping Therapy you will recieve from Elemental Body Therapies.

Fire Cupping should only be done by a well trained professional and before receiving this service from someone you should ask if they are trained and if they are insured for this technique. Many insurance companies do not cover fire cupping over the concern for the safety of the client.

Who is Massage Cupping Therapy is NOT good for?

Unfortunately, Massage Cupping Therapy is only beneficial for most people.

People who have varicose veins, renal failure, severe edema, hemophilia, leukemia, allergic dermatitis, are on blood thinners or have had cardiac failure should not receive Massage Cupping Therapy. Also, can not be used on open wounds or burns.

Women who are pregnant should also not receive Massage Cupping Therapy.

Book your massage today and let your therapist know you want to know you want to include Massage Cupping Therapy in your session!


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