Therapeutic Massage

We offer two options for pain relief sessions in our clinic; therapeutic full body massage and pain relief sessions.

Therapeutic full body massage sessions are hands on massage techniques for full scheduled time. This is a full body massage so only a limited time can be spent working with a particular area of pain. Over 400 muscle groups are conditioned, focusing on how your body stores tension or has been injured, and correcting those imbalances. Each session is uniquely tailored to what your body needs at that time decreasing pain, optimizing performance, speeding recovery from injury or preventing it in the first place. This is the better option when dealing with whole body aches, fibromyalgia symptoms, minor pain symptoms.

Pain relief therapy sessions include at least two-thirds of the scheduled time with hands on work and will include other forms of therapy. This is the better option for moderate to severe chronic pain symptoms, injuries and any recurring issues. Therapies that may be utilized are far infrared therapy, bio-magnetic therapy, cleansing therapies, thermotherapy or cryotherapy. Click here for more information on these therapies.

Every session will include various techniques during the session. Each body is different and used differently, with varying degrees of pain symptoms. We listen to what is going on within your body to help you get the most pain relief possible.

We offer FREE consultations to make a care plan that is right for you.

Kriya™ Massage     

Kriya Massage™ designed as relaxation massage, is a constantly connected, flowing series of never ending strokes. Kriya™ practitioners use their intuition to listen to the body's pulse and reactions to the work to know how to proceed for the greatest benefit to the client. Kriya™ is an integrative massage allowing the therapist to utilize various techniques and tools to create an individualized massage for each client's needs. The relaxing nature of Kriya™ allows the therapist to work at much deeper levels, causing the client much less discomfort. Many of our clients "sleep" through their deep tissue work sessions.


Tools and Techniques

Various tools and techniques are incorporated into each body work session. Every session is as unique as the person on the table. This means that which techniques are used depends on what the therapist finds and how the tissues respond. Below is a list of what may be utilized.

Neuromuscular massage therapy, also called trigger point therapy and trigger point myotherapy, is a deep tissue massage that releases areas of strain in the muscles that cause pain symptoms. Deep pressure is applied to the points to get a release. There may be some discomfort with this technique, so the therapist may ask you to take deep breaths to further encourage the release. The discomfort should never be to the point that you hold your breath "to get through it".

Muscle Energy Technique, also known as Strain/Counterstrain, uses stretches and gentle muscle contractions to relax and lengthen muscles, increase joint mobilization and strengthen weakened muscles. The therapist may ask for your assistance in stretching or resistance exercises.

Positional Release Technique works with the muscles natural desire to contract when experiencing trauma. The therapist shortens the muscle and applies pressure to the trigger point or point of the most pain. This technique gently encourages the muscle's release rather than trying to force the release.

Orthobionomy is a gentle, non-invasive, osteopathically-based form of body therapy that reminds the body of its natural ability to restore balance. This techniques uses gentle movements and compression to work with the body's own desire for balance.

Myofascial release technique involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the fascial tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.  Fascia is the connective tissue found throughout the body. It envelopes the muscle tissue and individual muscle fibers. Working with the fascia has a direct result on the muscles within the connective web of tissue.

Massage cupping therapy requires the use of a tool other than the hands. The soft medical grade silicone cups provide a suction to lift the tissues allowing for better circulation of blood, lymph and nutrients to the tissues to encourage the natural healing process. This technique is a better option than compression for some clients. Massage cupping can also be used directly over the spinal column, as compression is contraindicated here. Massage cupping does not work on areas of skin with hair and particularly bony areas. Learn more...

Sports massage techniques enhance an athlete's preparation for an event or recovery from the physcial demands of training, recovery from an injury while training or preventing injury that may be caused by training.





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