Ear Candling

The ear cones used in this therapy are made from a cotton or linen material and natural beeswax or paraffin. Some cones are made with herbs or essential oils for added health benefits. In many cultures, ear candling, as it is sometimes referred, is considered a remedy for wax build up, ear infections, candida overgrowth, etc.

The cones are placed at the entrance of the ear canal and lit on the other end. The process is a very gentle drawing of the impurities from the ear. The smoke and heat enter the ear, warming the ear canal, allowing impurities to be vacuumed into the cones. It can remove ear wax, debris, yeast, bacteria and inner ear congestion.

The vibration in the burning of the cone emits a healing energy. That energy coupled with a scalp and facial massage during the session releases tension from the head, face and the body.

I use only ear cones made with natural beeswax for a purely natural experience. During your ear candling session, I also provide a face and scalp massage which can enhance the healing process of the session, and encourages deeper relaxation. The experience I have had with my clients, and my own children, is that ear candling can clear congestion, improve hearing, reduce itching, reduce effects of swimmer's ear, clear your head, promote relaxation, and more.

Sessions are booked as one hour appointments, but are charged by the cone. Typically, one cone is used per ear. Occasionally, it is recommended that a second cone be used in one or both ears. If this is done during the initial session, a reduced rate per cone is offered.

If you have any questions prior to making an appointment, or before or during your session, please ask them.

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