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We are a whole health place of wellness, focusing on pain care and chronic pain management.  Whether you are dealing with chronic pain, muscular or joint pain, or acute pain we can work with you. We recognize that every person and every body is different, therefore every care plan must be unique to your individual needs. All sessions are hands on manual therapies and may include other alternative therapies to achieve the desired results.

Our therapeutic massage sessions have a foundation of Kriya massage, an integrative style designed primarily for relaxation. Various techniques and modalities are incorporated providing a unique massage every time for every body.  Deep tissue, neuromuscular massage, positional release, orthobionomy, muscle energy, trigger point, myofascial release, joint mobilization and/or stretching techniques could be used during a body work session.  

Other alternative therapies that may be incorporated into your care plan sessions are far infrared, bio-magnetic, electromuscular stimulation, and  detoxification therapies.  Hot or cold therapies may also be used.  

Appointments are scheduled with ample time between to assure that your therapist is totally focused on you and your needs. This means no rushing to finish up an appointment and if a few more minutes are needed during a session there is enough time.

Our clinic is just minutes from Manchester in a beautiful country setting. This allows the relaxation process to begin as soon as you arrive.

We are very passionate about the work we get to do, helping people regain the ability to move freely without pain, to reduce stress levels resulting in a clearer mind, better performance in activities and feeling more comfortable with one's self.

All this and more enables us to offer you a healing session in a comfortable, calming, professional atmosphere. We work with you to help you reach the state of health you desire. We believe it’s the little things that show we care about what we do.


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Tuesday 9-7
Wednesday 9-6
Thursday 9-7
Friday 9-3

Sessions are by appointment only.  Hours are subject to change.  Appointments outside of normal business hours are available at the therapists discretion and MAY be subject to an additional charge of $10 per 30 minutes.


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